Circuit Breaker and Panel Replacement

Circuit breaker and panel replacement

Are your circuit breakers tripping? It may need to be replaced. Circuit breakers are like an auto shutter that is triggered by excessive current. They are meant to protect the appliances in your home from sudden power surges and without a properly functioning circuit breaker; appliances such as microwaves, dryers and other electrically heavy appliances could easily overheat and burst into flames. While they are known to often trip off to send you a signal that there might be a problem, they can also trip off for no reason. If you have circuit breakers that are broken, melted, look cracked or trip for no reason contact us immediately for circuit breaker repair or replacement.

Circuit breaker issues can lead to broken appliances and in some cases can even start house fires or very serious health hazards. When your circuit breakers seem to trip continuously, you know you need the services of a professional electrician to diagnose and fix the problem. We can help. Please do not attempt to diagnose or fix your circuit breaker; a house fire is nothing to joke about. Please call to today to book an appointment and we’ll come take a look at it at your convenience.

Be safe, call the professional today!